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रानी परी के ऑकवार्ड बोल्ड सीन, Top Questions about Rani Pari

रानी परी के ऑकवार्ड बोल्ड सीन, Top Questions about Rani Pari


Rani Pari has recently come on Shaina Khatri’s YouTube channel, where she has answered some questions, these are the questions which have been searched a lot by people, people want to know the answers to these questions. In such a situation, he has come on this channel of Shayna Khatri and answered all his questions, let us tell you the answers to all those questions one by one.

Rani Pari is a very popular actress and there is not much information about her, whatever information is available is either incomplete or wrong, but this question has been asked a lot by the people and the answers to these questions are He himself has given it.

Rani Pari Boyfriend Who is Rani Pari’s boyfriend?,

In response to this first question, she has given her answer, I am single right now, I don’t have a boyfriend, but if I have a boyfriend, it should be such that he has a clean heart and accepts me the way I am, I like to have fun. Sometimes I become very serious. Yes, I have some anger issues.

He should handle me well, he should understand me well, I don’t need anything more than this, I want someone from outside, I don’t have that much comfort zone with actors, meaning as a boyfriend, he is for me. Friends are fine, I can never look at him with that kind of love or from that angle, I have never seen him, I have never seen him and I have never even thought about him, I don’t think that I will ever be able to get into a relationship with him, I I live in Andheri, Mumbai only.

Rani Pari Uncut | queen angel uncut

This question is in the mind of many people, so today everything will become clear, the answer to the second question is given like this, I am never going to do uncut, please you comment a lot, I want to see Rani Pari uncut, no I am not. I am never going to uncut,

In between, there was also a lot of news that Rani Pari is the one who uncuts, yes, all that is fake news, I will never uncut because I have seen very big dreams, I never want to uncut, I have to go further in serials, in movies, go on different platforms, and if I had to do uncut, I would have done uncut, I don’t want to live in this uncut world any more, I have to do it separately. Come and I will do something different, uncut me and don’t do all this.

Rani Pari Future Plan | What is Rani Pari’s future plan?,

Rani Pari

In this third question, she said, my dream is that I go to Bollywood, become a well-known actress, go to Bollywood and my fan following becomes big, everyone knows me like this, I have other names and I remain like this. I want to keep improving my acting and become a very good actress.

Rani Pari Real Meet | Does the Queen Fairy really meet people?

Many people wanted to know the answer to this question, so she answered it like this, Yes, I do real meet, what did you think, I don’t do real meet, if you want to meet me in real, she answered this in a funny manner. , Come to the police station, I will meet you nicely, it was just a joke, but in the end she said that I do not do real meetings.

rani pari favorite bold scene

He has told in his answer that the most memorable bold scene was in the Damaji web series, in which five was mentioned, four boys and one girl in it, which means we were laughing so much, so many different angles, so many different poses. How can this happen in real life, so much was being shown in the web series, just seeing it all five of us were laughing so much.

The director and all the crew members there went crazy with laughter, so that bold scene is the most memorable for me, I felt very good at that time.

Rani Pari’s awkward bold scenes

The worst bold scene was in Manglik and Madhushala, at that time I felt a little bad, I did not like it, I mean I felt bad, the bold scene was with an old man, so I was not feeling comfortable, the wipes were a little rough. Was coming, so I somehow maintained them as per my own, so these were the answers to some questions related to these.


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