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Angregi Akhbar Voovi Cast, Story, Release Date

Angregi Akhbar Voovi Cast, Story, Release Date


Angregi Akhbar is an Indian language, Romance, Drama, Series, The lead actress in this series is Maheen Mahi, Priyanka Chourasia, It is a web series of Voovi Original.

How are all of you web series lovers? We have brought another series for you. Yes, the update of a new series has just come and we are going to give this update to you. What is the name of the web series going to be? And on which day the web series will be released, which actresses will be in the web series, all this information.

Recently the poster of this series has been released and its trailer has also been released. The release date of this series has been confirmed in the trailer and this series is going to be released soon, let us tell you about this series. The story is quite unique and as the story is unique, its title is also quite unique.

English Newspaper Voovi Story

The name of this series coming from Voovi is going to be Angregi Akhbar, the trailer of the series has been released and the trailer is being liked a lot. Yes, he has a new web series coming which has been liked a lot by the people and the trailer of this new series has been released.

Let us tell you that very good casting has been done in this series. Yes, everyone’s favorite actress is going to be in the series and the story of the series is also going to be very good, the previous series which they released is going to be liked by these people a lot. Yes, he has released four parts in his ongoing series which becomes quite long, although it would have been better if it was ended in three parts only.

Although this new series may also have three parts but nothing is known about the director yet, it is possible that he will finish this story in four parts.

Trailer Summary: The story of this series is going to be very good, the story of the series revolves around a newspaper, this newspaper is in English and the whole village has become crazy about this newspaper, so the story is going to be like this, the rest of the series After coming you will know about the whole story.

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English Newspaper Voovi Cast

English Newspaper Voovi Cast
  • Maheen Mahi
  • Priyanka Chourasia

There is going to be an amazing actress in this series. Yes, as you can see above, I have told you the names of the actresses. Both these actresses are going to be in this series. The series is going to be quite amazing. If it’s talking about the story, the story is also quite good. For the first time both of them are seen together in this series and apart from these, other actresses are also going to be seen in this series.

Priyanka Chourasia is a well-known actress whose series is liked by the people and recently her new series has also been released and people wait for her series, however now a new series of hers is coming.

English Newspaper Details

Title english newspaper
platform Voovi Original
Total Episode 2 Episode Releasing
Actress Name Maheen Mahi
Priyanka Chourasia
Language Hindi
Release Date 8 March 2024

English Newspaper Web Series Review

There is news for the fans of the web series. Yes, a new web series is coming and in this web series both actresses Priyanka Chaurasia and Maheen Mahi are going to be seen together, very soon this web series of Maheen Mahi and Priyanka Chaurasia will be released. The name of the new upcoming web series is Angregi Akhbar, so friends, information has been given about this new upcoming web series of Maheen Mahi and Priyanka Chaurasia.

A good story is being seen and this Angregi Akhbar is releasing on March 8, Maheen Mahi and Priyanka Chaurasia, these two actresses are together, so this web series is going to be amazing and let us tell you that there will be three parts of the series. Will be released where two episodes will be released in the first part.

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