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Angrezi Akhbar Web Series Voovi Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys

Angrezi Akhbar Web Series Voovi Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys


A new one from Voovi Originals Angrezi Newspaper Web Series She has come. In which there is a story of beautiful village girls who want to get their photos published as models in the popular newspaper “English Newspaper”. There is a beautiful actress like Priyanka Chaurasiya in this English newspaper. Further in this post, the story, characters and glimpse of this newspaper is shown.

Voovi Angrezi Akhbar Webseries Details

Series Title english newspaper
platform Voovi
season Season 1
Total Episode Episode 2
Duration 22 minutes
Lead Cast Priyanka, Mahi, Sumit, Suraj, Ankit, Sunny
Director Parvej Alam
Language Hindi
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date 8 March 2024

Angrezi Akhbar Voovi Web Series Story

This story is about a village’s colorful newspaper which comes only on Sundays, everyone is crazy about the pictures of Indian and foreign models hidden in it. Two beautiful girls from the village try in their own ways to get their photos published in this newspaper. During this time many colorful and entertaining stories take place. Now will these girls’ wishes be fulfilled? Will they be successful in printing the photos? To know this you will have to see Woovi’s English newspaper!

Voovi Angrezi Akhbar Web Series Cast

  • Priyanka Chaurasia
  • Mahi
  • Sumit
  • Suraj
  • Ankit
  • sunny

This english newspaper There are a total of six characters in the series. First of all, its two heroines Priyanka and Mahi want to get their photos printed. After these, there are four male characters Sumit, Suraj, Ankit, Sunny, a small group of three friends who have no work. There is a guy in it who makes you laugh by saying good poetry. There is a handsome and clever boy named Lallan who uses these girls in the name of getting their photos printed.

Angrezi Akhbar Web Series Actress Voovi


english newspaper The two lead actresses in the series are Priyanka and Mahi. In this, along with the beauty of these two, their amazing fight with cats is also seen. Both of them want to get ahead of each other and get their photos published in the English newspaper first, for which they get a lot of photos clicked by Lallan. Now you will know later who among these two succeeds in his objective.

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Watch Angrezi Akhbar Web Series on Voovi

Voovi’s english newspaper Only two episodes of the web series have been released. Whose duration is around 22 minutes, you can watch the first part of this two episodes. 45 minutes It may take time. Right now this first part is just the beginning of the story, many more twists will be seen in it. You will soon get to see its next episodes on Voovi OTT platform. till then you can read it below trailer Enjoy watching the first part.

Voovi Angrezi Akhbar Series Official Trailer

About Angrezi Newspaper Webseries

Angrezi Akhbar is the latest Webseries streaming on Voovi OTT Platform.

Voovi Angrezi Akhbar Webseries Actress name

Priyanka Chaurasiya and Mahi are lead actress in Voovi’s Angrezi Akhbar Series.

Voovi Angrezi Akhbar Webseries release date

Angrezi Akhbar Voovi Webseries is released on 8 March 2024.

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