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Hulchul Bachpana Web Series Review, Cast, hot Actress details – ReviewGuys

Hulchul Bachpana Web Series Review, Cast, hot Actress details – ReviewGuys


A new on Hulchul app Bachpana Web Series Has come. in which you are a famous actress Khushi Mukherjee Is seen in lead avatar. This web series and its characters are very interesting, about which we are going to discuss in detail further in this post.

Hulchul Bachpana Webseries Details

Series Title Childhood
platform Hulchul
season Season 1
Total Episode Episode 7
Duration 150+ minutes
Lead Cast Khushi Mukherjee, Asraf Khan, Payal, Rupesh, Ranjan
Director porus
Language Hindi
Genre Family, Drama, Romance
Release Date 7 March 2024

Bachpana Web Series Story Hulchul App

The story of this childhood web series starts with a small family in which there are only two people, a blind husband who works as a professor and his beautiful wife Rajni i.e. Khushi Mukherjee. One day, Rajni’s sister comes to Rajni’s house with her son and daughter. She becomes pregnant and as per some of her customs, she leaves her two elder children at their aunt’s house to go to her maternal home.

Now both the children do their childish activities with their aunts and uncles. The boy Veer is very innocent, hence Rajni aunty always helps him. The same girl Jiya also has a crush on her blind uncle and him. Now these two children are spending their days very happily with their aunts and uncles, when a neighbor enters their lives. Who uses them on his own terms, which you will come to know after watching this childish web series.

Hulchul Bachpana Web Series Cast

  • Khushi Mukherjee
  • Asraf Khan
  • Payal
  • Rupesh
  • Ranjan

In this Bachpan web series, you get to see Mukherjee and Ashraf Khan in the lead roles, both of them are playing the role of husband-wife and aunt. Apart from these, the two children i.e. Jiya and Veer have been played by Payal and Rupesh. Ranjan has played the role of that strange neighbor Pawan.

Bachpana Web Series Actress Hulchul

In this series you mainly get to see two actresses. First of all, you will get to see the new avatar of Mukherjee in a big and main role, who is taking great care of her children as an aunt. She fully supports her nephew Veer in his childish activities. The other actress is Payal as his niece, who falls in love with her blind aunt and takes a historic step, which she has to compensate for in the end.

Watch Bachpana Web Series on Hulchul

This web series has 7 episodes which have been released in two parts. In the first part, you get to watch three episodes simultaneously whose total duration is around 1 hour. In its second part, a total of four episodes have been released whose total duration reaches around one and a half hours.

Hulchul Bachpana vs Primeplay Nadaan Series

Hulchul Bachpana Web series a year before this primeplay Nadan name on OTT platform PrimePlay Nadaan Has come from. You might have seen this series, if you haven’t then read it below. trailer It is given and you can guess from it. Viewers say that all these OTT platform people are in collusion and are releasing their old series under new names on the new platform.

About Bachpana Webseries

Bachpana is a new Webseries streaming now on Hulchul App.

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