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Love Adhura Web Series Cast, Review Amazon miniTV – ReviewGuys

Love Adhura Web Series


Amazon miniTV based on new incomplete love story Love Adhura Web Series Have presented. Jis Love Adhoora starring Karan Kundrra and Erica Fernandes with Saqib Ayub and Vivek Madaan as Sumit and Nandita. Further in this post, the story, cast and all other information of this series of MiniTV is given.

miniTV Love Adhura Web Series Details

Series Title Love Adhura
platform Amazon miniTV
season Season 1
Total Episode Episode 4
Duration 120 minutes
Lead Cast Karan Kundrra, Erica J Fernandes, Saquib Ayub, Vivek Madaan
Director Tanveer Bookwala
Language Hindi
Genre Romance
Release Date 13 March 2024

Love Adhura Web Series Story

An ordinary man meets an attractive damsel in distress, who throws him out of her car. This sets off a series of events with unexpected twists and dramatic consequences.

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Watch how an unexpected encounter between two strangers soon turns into a complex deadly love full of betrayal, passion and games of winning and losing! Don’t miss the exciting twists and turns of this romantic mystery, Love Adhoora on Amazon MiniTV for FREE!

Amazon miniTV Love Adhura Web Series Cast

  • Karan Kundrra
  • Erica J Fernandes
  • Vivek Madaan
  • Saqib Ayub
  • Chirag Khatri
  • Abhilasha B Paul
  • Jaineeraj Rajpurohit

Directed by Tanvir Bookwala, the Love Adhoora show stars Karan Kundrra, Erica J Fernandes, Vivek Madan, Saqib Ayub, Chirag Khatri, Abhilasha B Paul and Zainiraj Rajpurohit. Below is a table of real names along with their characters for your convenience.

cast Original Name
SUMIT NARULA Karan Kundrra
NANDITA Erica J Fernandes
PRAKASH Saqib Ayub
HARSH Chirag Dinesh Khatri
INDUMUKHI Abhilasha B Paul
JITU Jaineeraj Rajpurohit
ANMOL Anoop Mohandas
DANNY Bilas Chandrahasan
AJMAL Rahul Dev Shetty
YOUNG SUMMIT Aryan Khullar

Love Adhura Web Series Episodes

Episode 1 – Sumit, a simple boy, gives a lift to Nandita, a damsel in distress, and in return drops her out in his old car. But she is not alone behind the car.

Episode 2 – Sumit finds Nandita and hires her instead of joining the police. Kama’s job is to convince her overbearing father that she is his girlfriend, but he falls in love with her.

Episode 3 – Nandita realizes that sinister events are occurring in and around the car and that there are other players involved, while Sumit remains unaware. Although Nandita’s job has ended, Sumit has fallen in love and does not want her to go.

Episode 4 – Now with the job over, Sumit and Nandita reluctantly decide to part ways, but not before cheating one last time.

episode Episode Name Duration
Episode 1 Who is this girl? 31 minutes
Episode 2 A new original story 32 minutes
Episode 3 My old friends 28 minutes
Episode 4 The last chapter of the journey 29 minutes

Watch Love Adhura Web Series Amazon miniTV

This Love Adhoora web series from Amazon MiniTV has four episodes, which makes the first season approximately two hours long. This series explores Sumit’s past and present, which gives him the strength to control his heart. This series has been shot in the spectacular location of Munnar, Kerala. Two songs are also heard in it, which match well with the scene. This show is getting very good response from Karan Kundra’s fans. You can also watch it for free on Amazon MiniTV, below trailer Must see.

Love Adhura Web Series Official miniTV Trailer

About Love Adhura Webseries

Love Adhura is a new Webseries streaming now on Amazon miniTV based on an incomplete love story.

miniTV Love Adhura Webseries Cast

Karan Kundrra, Erica J Fernandes, Vivek Madaan are lead cast of Love Adhura Webseries.

Love Adhura Webseries Actress name

Erica J Fernandes is the lead actress in miniTV’s Love Adhura series.

Amazon miniTV Love Adhura Webseries release date

Love Adhura Webseries released on 13 March 2024 at Amazon miniTV free OTT Platform.

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