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Luteri Part 2 Kangan Cast, Set to release on 23rd March

Luteri Part 2 Kangan Cast, Set to release on 23rd March


As you all must be aware that Part One has been released and in Part One we have seen Trupti Bera and Payal Patil as the lead actresses, while other actors and actresses are also seen in it, now Part 2. Let us know when it is being released.

Luteri Part 2 Kangan Story

It had been a long time since the trailer of this series was released, but no update was given about this series, yes, the release date of the series was 15th, but the series was not released on that time. But then they released another trailer, in which the release date was changed.

Yes, Part One was released on 22nd, now as soon as this series is released, this question is coming in people’s mind that when will its Part 2 be released, because the story of this series is not over yet. Only two episodes have been released so far, in which only a part of the story has been seen.


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