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MoodX Uncut Dhandha Web Series Review, Cast Hot Actress details – ReviewGuys

MoodX Uncut Dhandha Web Series Review, Cast Hot Actress details – ReviewGuys


MoodX Uncut Dhandha Web Series Has been released. In which as a daughter of a poor family, her Actress Jennifer Has endured a lot. So let us know the story, characters, actresses of this uncut series further in this post and watch its trailer below.

MoodX Dhandha Webseries Details

Series Title Business
platform MoodX
season Season 1
Total Episode 1 episode
Duration 35 minutes
Lead Cast Akhilesh, Jennifer, Deep Singh
Director Amit
Language Hindi
Genre Drama, Erotic Romance
Release Date 5 March 2024

Dhandha Web Series Story MoodX

The story of this Dhandha web series of Moodx starts with a poor family whose only support is the death of their two children due to the death of their father. He leaves behind a virgin girl and a handicapped boy. As long as he was there, he kept his children very happy, but after his departure, the situation at home becomes worse.

When the sister has exams for which she has to pay fees, the brother wants to help her but since she is handicapped, the sister takes care of her. The girl, in her miserable condition, remembers someone who could help her. Now she goes to seek help where her helplessness is taken full advantage of.

MoodX Dhandha Web Series Actress Cast

  • Jennifer
  • Akhilesh
  • Deep Singh
MoodX Uncut Dhandha Web Series Cast Hot Actress

In this Dhandha web series, Jennifer is in the role of a girl, who has been seen in a web series after a long time. The special thing is that this is said to be his first uncut series. After watching the trailer, the audience is very excited and is praising Jennifer’s work. Apart from this actress, it also has Deep Singh in the role of her handicapped brother. Akhilesh is in the role of the person who provides financial help, who is seen in many uncut series these days.

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Watch MoodX Dhandha Web Series

You can watch the uncut version of this Dhandha web series on various platforms of Moodx. Only the first episode of this series has been released, which is of 35 minutes duration. After watching the first 5 minutes, the entire uncut scene is there, in which a lot of abuses and objectionable scenes are seen. There are going to be more episodes of this series. In which the situation of this story and its scenes will become more frightening. till then you can read it below Glimpse can see…

Dhandha MoodX Web Series Official Trailer

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the world of Hot Web Series and intrigue with “Dhandha”! 🔥 Watch the gripping trailer of Episode 01, set to release on March 5, 2024, exclusively on Jenifer Premium Uncut.

About Dhandha Webseries

Dhandha is the latest Jennifer Premium Uncut Mood X New Web Series.

Dhandha Webseries Actress name

MoodX Dhandha Webseries features Jennifer Premium Uncut.

Moodx Dhandha Webseries release date

Dhandha Webseries released on 5 March, next episodes soon.

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