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Shatir Jalva Original Web Series: Cast, Actress Name, Story, Crew, Release Date

Shatir Jalva Original Web Series: Cast, Actress Name, Story, Crew, Release Date


Shatir Jalva Original Web Series

Shatir Jalva Original Web Series: At present, everyone in the entertainment world likes to watch web series. So today we are presenting you another new web series, “Shatir” from Jalva Original, the most popular OTT platform across the world, which is Jalva Original App Has been released on. Now let us know about the cast and actress of this web series.

Shatir Jalva Original Web Series

Jalva OTT platform will soon release this web series. Shyna Khatri She will be the lead actress in this web series. The actresses have played their romantic characters well in this web series, which the audience is waiting for. You can watch this web series on Jalva Original’s OTT platform.

Shatir Web Series Cast Details

Shatir Web Series Story

Shatir Jala Original Web Series

The story of this web series revolves around one thing. He blackmails the village women by recording their private videos. Shyna Khatri and Malvika Tomar will be seen in this series. You all know what the barber does in his videos. Another budding actress will be seen in the second part of this web series, whose name has not been revealed yet. This will be the story, but the web series will also have drama and comedy.

vicious web series cast name
Shaina Khatri, Malvika Tomar, Sanjay Bhardwaj and Vivaan have played the lead roles in this web series.

vicious web series actress name
Shaina Khatri and Malvika Tomar played the lead actress roles in this web series.

How To Watch

  • To view, visit the Jalva app or use the Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Use your phone number to log in, or join if it’s your first time.
  • Decide on a membership package.
  • Once your money is processed, you can use the app to stream each series and movie.
  • Search Shatir Web Series.
  • To watch the latest episode online, tap the poster and select “Watch Now”. The episodes are also available for offline viewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the release date of the Shatir Web Series?

Who is the Lead Actress of the Shatir Web Series?

Shyna Khatri, Malvika Tomar

How can I watch the Shatir Web Series online?

Get the Jalva app, sign up for membership, and watch any web series there.

The Shatir Web Series was released on which app?


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