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Urfi Javed fell in love with this famous comedian, expressed her feelings.

Urfi Javed fell in love with this famous comedian, expressed her feelings.


Madness may arise: Urfi, who remains in the news for her fashion sense, is once again in the headlines for Javed. But this time she is in the news not because of her intimate clothes but for some other reason. Urfi Javed has expressed his feelings about famous comedian Harsh Gujral.

Urfi Javed fell in love with this famous comedian
Recently Urfi was seen as a guest in Huma Qureshi’s comedy show ‘Madness Machayenge’. During this, all the comedians of the show roasted Urfi fiercely. Urfi also pulled everyone’s leg. But meanwhile, alias said some such things about Harsh Gujral, which has now become a topic of discussion.

Urfi flirted fiercely with the show’s host Harsh in front of everyone. In fact, when host Harsh Gujral said that ‘I came to know only two weeks ago that Urfi is my neighbour, she is from Lucknow and I am from Kanpur. If my neighbor was like Urfi, I would go to her every day to buy sugar. But even if I had gone to Urfi’s house to ask for sugar, I would have had to return empty handed, because she roams around wearing the utensil in which sugar should be given. But whatever it is, I find Urfi very sweet.

expressed my feelings in front of everyone
On this Urfi said, ‘Let me tell everyone that it was I who called Harsh first and not Harsh. I got his phone number from a friend of mine. I like this very much. It looked very cute. Hearing these words of Urfi, everyone present in the show starts teasing Harsh. In such a situation, Harsh says, ‘Hey brother, I was infected with Corona and since then my test has changed.’

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