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Watch Tadap Web Series TadkaPrime Review, Cast, hot Actress details – ReviewGuys

Watch Tadap Web Series TadkaPrime Review, Cast, hot Actress details – ReviewGuys


TadkaPrime OTT Channel also known as TPrime is now available in a new Tadap Web Series Has come with. Tadka Prime’s Tadap series is the story of a married couple in which there is a huge age difference between the husband and wife. What does the husband do due to this deficiency, you will find detailed information about the story, characters and actress of this series in the following post.

TadkaPrime Tadap Webseries Details

Series Title Tadap
platform Tadka Prime
season Season 1
Total Episode Episode 2
Duration 44 minutes
Lead Cast Surabhi Tiwari, Ambrish Majumdar, Anupama Prakash, Raj
Director Pulse
Language Hindi
Genre Family Drama, Romance
Release Date 11 March 2024

TPrime Tadap Web Series Story

This Tadap series starts with a couple in which the husband is older than his wife and he cannot see his wife disappointed. To ensure that his wife does not get disappointed further, he goes out for a therapy session for 10 days. He leaves behind his wife and the daughter of his first wife.

After the husband leaves, the wife feels lonely and suddenly she comes to know about an adult dating app through which she invites the boy of her choice to her house. The girl present at home feels uncomfortable in studying for her exam due to these activities. Her desires also awaken but she remains firm on her words that whatever happens will happen after marriage. Then one day their doorbell rings, now you will know who is at the door after watching this Tadap series.

Tadap Web Series Actress Cast Actress

  • Surabhi Tiwari
  • Ambrish Majumdar
  • Anupama Prakash
  • Raj DS

In this Tadap web series of Tadka Prime, four characters are seen, in which first of all let us talk about the couple with whom this series has started. Amrish Majumdar is seen in the role of the older husband and his younger is seen in the role of the fit wife. Surbhi Tiwari is seen in the role. While Anupama Prakash has played the role of the girl present at home, Raj has played the role of the boy from the dating app.

Watch TadkaPrime Tadap Web Series

So far two episodes have been released in this series, whose duration is approximately 22 minutes. Name of its first episode husband and wife and pen the name of the second episode is How long will I remain silent? Is. This series has been filmed very well in a very luxurious house. There are also some songs present in it which suit the scene well. There are more interesting episodes to come in this series as the story is not complete yet, below you will find teaser Is shown as.

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Tadap Web Series TadkaPrime Official Trailer

About New Tadap Webseries

Tadap is the latest web series now streaming on Tadka Prime OTT Channel aka Tprime App.

Tadka Prime Tadap Webseries Actress name

Anupama Prakash and Surabhi Tiwari are lead actress in Tprime Tadap web series.

Tadka Prime Tadap Webseries release date

Tadka Prime Tadap Webseries released on 11 March at Tprime App.

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