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पूजा पोद्दार एक वेब सीरीज के लिए कितना चार्ज करती हैं, Top Question About Pooja Poddar

पूजा पोद्दार एक वेब सीरीज के लिए कितना चार्ज करती हैं, Top Question About Pooja Poddar


Pooja Poddar is a well-known actress, who is known for her web series, people like her web series very much and keep searching for new information about her every day, in such a situation, people Some such questions are asked by them to which they are unable to find answers, but let us tell you that there are some popular and searched questions to which they have given answers. Yes, let us tell you.

Recently, Pooja Poddar has been seen on Saina Khatri’s YouTube channel, where many questions related to her have been asked, she herself has converted her questions into answers in the best way, Pooja Poddar answered all those questions. Given what you want to know, let us tell you these questions one by one.

Pooja Poddar Boyfriend Does Pooja Poddar have a boyfriend

This question has been asked by many people and they also wanted to know it, so let us tell you what Pooja Poddar has said about this, she said that absolutely no, I do not have a boyfriend, I am looking for instant matchmaking. I believe in intermarriage, and I don’t believe in having a boyfriend,

But what should a boy have, just be a little handsome and loyal and have money and love me and love my family, saying all this, also said that I had a boyfriend before. , I broke up with my boyfriend, after that I came into the bold industry.

pooja poddar uncut

Many people have questions about this and wrong rumors are also spread about them, so in this entire video, while answering this question, she has said something like this, I will never do uncut and why do you want to see me in uncut. Yes, tell me, are you not comfortable with the bold scenes that I give you, then this shows that she is never going to uncut them.

Pooja Poddar Real Meet | does she meet people

While answering this question, he said something like that whenever you want, I am ready to be there, you can meet me anytime, in which he also shared the number of his manager and said that you can meet me at any time. Can and can also finalize for the meeting.

Pooja Poddar Charges for Web Series | How much does Pooja Poddar charge for a web series?

See, although he has not given any kind of information about this, but he has definitely said that it depends on the OTT and the channel, whether it is small or big, he said that I am flexible, I do it even for less. I do it a lot too, and said that I believe in building relationships in the industry.

Ever Get A Fan Proposal

Regarding this he said, where do I have such luck, I have limited luck, neither has I ever done it before nor does anyone do it now, so no one has ever done this thing, I want someone to do it for me.

What Dresses Pooja Poddar Likes To Wear | how they like to dress

Answering this question, she said that I mostly like casual dresses, I like t-shirts and suits and sarees, I like to be simple.

How to meet Pooja Poddar | How to meet Pooja Poddar

You can always meet me on Insta anytime anywhere, if you want to meet me then you can also meet me on our Shayna ji’s YouTube.

Where Do Pooja Poddar Live | Where does Pooja Poddar live?

Yes, I live in the hearts of people, I live in their hearts and minds, I live in their every pore, after saying all this, the last question has also ended, so these were some questions about him, the answers to which you will get details. Is given in.


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