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Andha Bapu Web Series Sol Talkies Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys

Andha Bapu Web Series Sol Talkies Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys


Sol Talkies on OTT platform Andha Bapu Web Series She has come. In which you have Ruks Khandagale and Pallavi Debnath in the lead roles. Who seems to be trying to find out the real truth about her father-in-law. Other information related to the story and characters of this series is given below.

SolTalkies Andha Bapu Webseries Details

Series Title Dhokhebaaz
platform SolTalkies
season Season 1
Total Episode Episode 4
Duration 17 minutes
Lead Cast Ruks Khandagale, Pallavi Debnath, Tarkesh Chauhan
Director Aamir Malik
Language Hindi
Genre Family Drama, Romance
Release Date 7 March 2024

Andha Bapu Web Series Story Sol Talkies

Andha Bapu Series The story is about a father-in-law who pretends to be blind with his own daughter-in-law and does something that would make anyone blush. One day his second daughter-in-law comes to know that Babuji sees everything and does a lot. Now both the daughters-in-law want to reveal the truth about their father-in-law to their husbands. So that he gets to know about the activities of his respected father. But whether these two are successful in bringing out the truth or not, you will know after watching this Andha Bapu series.

Sol Talkies Andha Bapu Web Series Cast

  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Pallavi Debnath
  • Tarkesh Chauhan
  • Akash Gaur
  • Sumit Kumar

In this Andha Bapu series, the role of blind father-in-law has been played by an experienced person like Tarkesh Chauhan. The roles of their two beautiful daughters-in-law have been played by Rukhs Khandagle and Pallavi Debnath. The role of her husband has been played by Akash Gaur and Sumit Kumar. As leads, most of the time in this series has been spent on father-in-law and daughter-in-law. Who is busy in revealing the secret of her father.

Watch Andha Bapu Web Series SolTalkies

This Andha Bapu series has four episodes, whose duration is around 17 minutes. Which makes the whole thing take a little over an hour. In this you get to see the hot avatar of Rukhs and Pallavi. You can watch this web series Sol Talkies OTT Can see on the platform. before here House Keeping And Dhokhebaaz Like a new series has arrived.

About Andha Bapu Webseries

Andha Bapu is a new Webseries streaming on Sol Talkies OTT Platform.

Andha Bapu Webseries Cast Sol Talkies

Sol Talkies Andha Bapu Webseries Casts Ruks Khandagale, Pallavi Debnath, Tarkesh Chauhan in lead roles.

Andha Bapu Webseries release date

Andha Bapu Webseries released on 7 March at Sol Talkies.

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