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Dhokhebaaz Web Series Sol Talkies Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys

Dhokhebaaz Web Series Sol Talkies Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys


Sol Talkies new on OTT platform Dhokhebaaz Web Series She has come. Which shows the story of deception going on within a family. This story is about a family where everyone is betraying each other, due to which one day the whole family gets into trouble. Read this post further to know more about it…

SolTalkies Dhokhebaaz Webseries Details

Series Title Dhokhebaaz
platform SolTalkies
season Season 1
Total Episode Episode 3
Duration 17 minutes
Lead Cast Sofia Shaikh, Uttam Pandey, Antara Banerjee, Ravi
Director Aamir Malik
Language Hindi
Genre Family Drama, Romance, Betrayal
Release Date 7 March 2024

Dhokhebaaz Web Series Story Soltalkies

This Dhokhebaaz Series The story is about a small family in which a brother lives with his wife and his crazy younger brother. Both the husband and wife are living happily together but sometimes his crazy brother harasses his wife due to which she gets scared and asks her husband to get rid of him.

The elder brother loves his younger brother very much, so instead of pushing him away, he finds a proper cure for his madness. He marries him to a girl he knows so that his habits improve and he remains happy. But behind his generosity lies a huge deception that can destroy the entire family. What happens to this strange family next, you will know after watching this deceitful series.

SolTalkies Dhokhebaaz Web Series Cast

  • Sofia Shaikh
  • Antara Banerjee
  • Uttam Pandey
  • Ravi Kumar

This Dhokhebaaz Series Uttam Pandey plays the role of the elder brother of the family and Sofia Sheikh plays his beautiful wife. While Ravi is there as his younger brother, Antara Banerjee becomes his new wife. There is a lot to be seen related to the deception with just four characters, which has been presented very well by these four actors.

Watch Dhokhebaaz Web Series SolTalkies

Sol Talkies Original Dhokhebaaz Series total in 3 episodes Which have an average length of 17 minutes. It will take you less than an hour to watch this entire series full of deception. You can watch this story made of many twists on SolTalkies OTT platform. Whose trailer given below, earlier also on this platform House Keeping A series named has arrived.

SolTalkies Dhokhebaaz Series Trailer

About Dhokhebaaz Webseries

Dhokhebaaz is the latest Webseries streaming now on SolTalkies OTT Platform.

Dhokhebaaz Webseries Cast SolTalkies

Dhokhebaaz series Casts Sofia Shaikh, Uttam Pandey, Antara Banerjee, Ravi.

SolTalkies Dhokhebaaz Webseries release date

Dhokhebaaz Webseries released on 7 March at Sol Talkies.

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