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Andha Sasur Episode 2 MoodX Web Series

Andha Sasur Episode 2 MoodX Web Series


blind father in law

Andha Sasur: Episode 2″ is an Indian web series available on a popular online platform. Actress Ritu Pandey delivers a commendable performance in this Hindi series, portraying a significant role. Starting from November 14, 2023, audiences can enjoy streaming this series online. The storyline revolves around a household where a young daughter-in-law and her father-in-law reside while the son is away for work.

Taking advantage of her husband’s absence, the daughter-in-law indulges in nighttime escapades with her lover, leading to unfortunate consequences for the father-in-law, who loses his sight. The narrative unfolds the illicit relationship between the daughter-in-law and her lover, showcasing various dramatic elements. “Andha Sasur Episode 2” is accessible for viewing on the MoodX app- Watch Latest Content

Andha Sasur Episode 2 Web Series Story

Ritu Pandey

Andha Sasur Episode 2″ is about a young woman and her boyfriend Rohan. There’s drama, mystery, and love in the story. It’s also about a woman and her father-in-law who’s blind. They live together in a house.

The daughter-in-law is smart. She secretly meets her boyfriend while her blind father-in-law is in the room. Then, a doctor visits and discovers that the father-in-law isn’t really blind. This shocks the daughter-in-law because now she knows he’s seen everything.

The story has exciting scenes and lots of drama. You’ll find entertainment, adventure, and plenty of drama in this Hindi web series

Andha Sasur Episode 2 Web Series Information

All Cast & Crew

Ritu Pandey Actress

Andha Sasur – All Episodes

Ritu Pandey, an Indian actress and model, portrays the character of Preeti in the Andha Sasur web series. She depicts the role of a daughter-in-law whose husband is away in another city for work. In the storyline, Preeti develops feelings for her lover and engages in intimate encounters with him in the presence of her blind father-in-law, disregarding all boundaries of love.

Ritu Pandey has garnered attention for her performances in various projects, including “Jamuniya” (2023), “Serial Killer,” “Badger 1,” “Crimes and Confessions,” “Antique,” “Napunsak,” “Sheela X,” “Mere Gharwale Ki GF,” “Malik,” “Chull,” “Ulanghan,” “Palang Tod,” “Khat Kabbadi,” and “Pinky Darling,” where she has taken on lead roles.

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