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Angoori Ullu Web Series Online Watch

Angoori Ullu Web Series Online Watch


Experience the captivating Angoori Ullu web series online! Angoori, an Indian gem known for its bold storytelling, stars Pihu Singh in a stellar role. Starting November 14, 2023, viewers can enjoy this engaging series on the web.

Follow the story of a blind young girl whose father seeks a suitable groom for her. But when Angoori unexpectedly falls in love, everything changes. Despite getting married, Angoori faces strange happenings.

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Angoori Ullu Web Series online watch Story

The Angoori web series tells the story of a lovely girl named Angoori. It’s packed with drama, mystery, and love. Angoori’s dad wants her to get married, but there’s a problem—she’s blind. Every guy who comes to see her doesn’t like her. One day, Angoori accidentally meets a blind boy, and they fall in love. They get married, but strange things start happening. Angoori tells her husband she’s blind, feeling like she doesn’t belong. The series has exciting scenes and lots of fun, adventure, and drama in Hindi that even a 10-year-old can enjoy!

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Angoori Web Series Information

All Cast & Crew

Angoori – All Episodes

In the Angoori Web Series, Pihu Singh portrays the character of Angoori, a blind girl. Pihu Singh is an Indian actress and model. The story revolves around Angoori, who mistakenly ends up in the wrong house after getting married. Strange things start happening there, adding to the suspense of the series.

How To Watch

  • To watch, visit the ULLU app or use the Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Use your phone number to log in, or join if it’s your first time.
  • Decide on a membership package.
  • Once your money is processed, you can use the app to stream every series and movie.
  • Search Angoori Web Series.
  • To watch the latest episode online, tap the poster and select “Watch Now”. The episodes are also available for offline viewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the release date of the Bagalwali Web Series?

Angoori Web series Released on 14 November 2023.

Who is the Lead Actress of the Bagalwali Web Series?

Pihu Singh has played the Lead Role in this Series.

How can I watch the Bagalwali Web Series online?

Get the ULLU App, sign up for membership, and watch any web series there. You can Also Watch ULLU Webseries on ULLU official website.


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