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Soul Reader Web Series Atrangii Review, Cast, hot Actress details – ReviewGuys

Soul Reader Web Series Atrangii Review, Cast, hot Actress details – ReviewGuys


Atrangii App of new Soul Reader Web Series Like every week, this is a new colorful web series. There is a story in which a husband claims to talk to spirits, who come into his wife’s body and talk to their clients. Then he gets the job of talking to his wife on behalf of a very rich man. further in this post Soul Reader Web Series Information about the complete story, characters and trailer is given.

Atrangii Soul Reader Webseries Details

Series Title Soul Reader
platform Atrangii
season Season 1
Total Episode 1 episode
Duration 30 minutes
Lead Cast Ayesha Retiwala, Zeba Khan, Abhinav Gautam, Mohit Sharma
Director Santosh R Mishra
Language Hindi
Genre Crime, Drama, Romance
Release Date 12 March 2024

Soul Reader Web Series Story

Kamaraj communicates with the spirits, supported by his wife Kusum. A girl seeks Randhir Pratap’s help to connect with him and reveals the shocking truth.

Its story begins with a client who wants to know about her lover from Kamaraj. Kamaraj and his wife claim to talk to spirits. With the help of his powers, Kamaraj summons those spirits into his wife’s body and claims to solve his client’s problems by talking to them.

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While Kamaraj is talking to a client, a beautiful woman arrives, who offers him money to do the work of her rich boss Randhir Singh. Who wants to talk to his dead wife and find out her truth at any cost. Now you have to see whether Kamaraj, along with his wife Kusum, knows how to help Randhir Singh in his work or something wrong is going to happen as per Smriti’s words.

Atrangii Soul Reader Web Series Cast

  • Ayesha Retiwala
  • Zeba Khan
  • Abhinav Gautam
  • Mohit Sharma

Mainly four star cast is seen in this Soul Reader Series. In this, the first one is Mohit Sharma who plays the role of Kamaraj and talks to spirits and Zeba Khan plays the role of his wife Kusum. Apart from these two husband and wife, Abhinav Gautam is seen in the role of their rich client Randhir Singh and Ayesha Retiwala is seen in the role of his beautiful secretary or assistant Smrdhi.

Atrangii Soul Reader Web Series Actress

  • Ayesha Retiwala
  • Zeba Khan

Only two actresses are seen in this Soul Reader Series, in which the name of Ayesha comes first, who fascinates both Randhir Singh and Kamaraj with her beauty. Her performance as a secretary is quite likable as she has the power to charm all the audiences without any objectionable scenes in her character. Apart from Ayesha, Zeb Khan is seen in the role of Kamaraj’s wife in this series, who has also got a lot of screen time and has done justice to her role.

Watch Soul Reader Web Series Atrangii

This Soul Reader Series has been made like a short film. There is only one episode in this short series which is 30 minutes long. In this you are shown the truth related to the very apostle. In which husband and wife, as a couple, are engaged in this work, due to which their future changes. You can watch this series on Atrangi App, below you will find the details of this series. Glimpse Has been given to see.

Talking to the soul, what is this true story?

Atrangii Soul Reader Series Trailer

In the pursuit of soul and greed for money,
Don’t lose your life in such a unique game.

About Soul Reader Webseries

Soul Reader is the latest short Webseries streaming now on Atrangii App.

Soul Reader Webseries Actress Name

Ayesha Retiwala and Zeba Khan are lead actress of Atrangii’s Soul Reader Webseries.

Soul Reader Webseries release date

Atrangii Soul Reader Webseries is released on 12 March 2024.

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