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Watch Sitiyabaaz Web Series Desiflix Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys

Watch Sitiyabaaz Web Series Desiflix Review, Cast, hot Actress Details – ReviewGuys


Desiflix New on OTT platform Sitiyabaaz Web Series She has come. Which is based on a family background, in which the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law is shown in detail. in this series Subhangi Sharma A new actress named is seen. Let us know further about the story, characters and other information of this series…

Desiflix Sitiyabaaz Webseries Details

Series Title Sitiyabaaz
platform Desiflix
season Season 1
Total Episode 1 episode
Duration 35 minutes
Lead Cast Subhangi Sharma, Alkesh, Vivan
Director Amit Kumar
Language Hindi
Genre Family Drama, Romance
Release Date 9 March 2024
Watch Sitiyabaaz Web Series Desiflix Review, Cast, hot Actress Details

Sitiyabaaz Web Series Story Desiflix

SitiBaaz web series on DesiFlix OTT platform is the story of a small family, in which the elder brother has gone out to earn and his wife and younger brother stay at home. His younger brother is unemployed and he also has a friend whose family has more wealth and is living his life in luxury. One day he comes to his friend’s house and gets fascinated by his sister-in-law. He whispers such a thing in his friend’s ear that his friend becomes more attracted towards his sister-in-law. Now what happens next, you will be able to know only after watching this series.

Sitiyabaaz Web Series Cast Actress

  • Subhangi Sharma
  • Alkesh
  • vivan

This Sitiyabaaz Series Only three star cast can be seen in it. First of all, a new actress Shubhangi Sharma is seen in the role of sister-in-law. The series made with a new face looks quite different. Alkesh in the role of Bhabhi’s unemployed brother-in-law and Vivaan as Alkesh’s friend are the two other main characters of this series.

Watch Sitiyabaaz Web Series Desiflix

Sitiyabaaz Series The first episode has just been released, which 35 minutes Is of duration. In this you get to see in detail the fun between two friends and the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law. There will be more episodes to come, till then you can watch it below. trailer And desiflix You can watch the first episode of this series by going to.

Desiflix Sitiyabaaz Web Series Trailer

About Sitiyabaaz Webseries

Sitiyabaaz is the latest Webseries streaming on Desiflix OTT Platform.

Sitiyabaaz Webseries Actress Name

Subhangi Sharma is the name of Sitiyabaaz actress.

Sitiyabaaz Webseries release date

First episode of Sitiyabaaz Webseries is released on 9 March more episodes soon.

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