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Top Questions about Shyna Khatri जाने कोन है बॉयफ्रेंड, और नई वेब सीरीज के बारे में

Top Questions about Shyna Khatri जाने कोन है बॉयफ्रेंड, और नई वेब सीरीज के बारे में


Recently Shaina Khatri has opened her YouTube channel, and she has also shared her first video on it, where she has given all the information related to her. Let us put all this information in front of you.

Shyna Khatri is a well-known personality, whom most of the people who like web series know, she remains in the news with her new series and now she has started her channel, in which she is giving information related to herself. Apart from this, she is also sharing information about all the actors associated with the industry, she has given answers to all the questions about them, let us know.

What is Shayna Khatri’s YouTube channel name? Shyna Khatri YouTube Channel Name

Many people do not know the name of his channel and hence a question is arising in the minds of some people, what is the name of his channel, let us tell you that his channel has been named after him, yes his The name of the channel is Shyna Khatri.

Shyna Khatri told in the first video why I am starting this channel. She also jokingly said, I am starting this channel so that notes can be showered on me so that I can become very rich.

Is Shayna Khatri Single? Shyna Khatri Boyfriend

She has said in this video that although I am single, there are two boys in the line, and she has also said that time will tell which boy comes and who goes.

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Where does Shayna Khatri live? Shyna Khatri Address

Shayna Khatri has not told about her address, but yes she has definitely said this, I live in your hearts, yes I live in your hearts and yours too.

What do you need to have to date Shayna Khatri?

In the third question in this video, he has said that if you want to date me, then what should you have and what should you not have.

First of all you should not have no, meaning you should have everything, car, bungalow, money, after this he said something like, I was joking, the boy should have a clean heart, so those with a clean heart can message me. Give and yes send me the X-ray of your heart, so that I can see whose heart is clean.

Shayna Khatri’s phone number

Web series fans and Shaina Khatri fans, people keep searching what is her number, let us tell you in this video she has told her number like this, my phone number is 98, 98 and beyond. So I too don’t know, I can’t even remember my number, what should I do?

What is Shaina Khatri next web series?

See, whoever likes his series and has been watching his series continuously, they are always waiting to know what his next web series will be, he told in this video of his Questions and Answers.

Yes I know what my next web series is, how do I tell you what my next web series is, the industry itself doesn’t tell me what my next web series is, man they forget to make me do dubbing, it was Answers to five questions related to Shayna Khatri.

Let us tell you, Shaina Khatri is going to bring more actresses on her YouTube channel, recently she has featured two-three actresses on her channel, about whom she has given information, whatever questions she has about them. They have also given their answers and as far as they are concerned, they are going to feature more actresses on their channel, about whom you will be able to know.

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