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Entertainment Mubarak, this Netflix film entertains you by taking you to a different world.

Entertainment Mubarak, this Netflix film entertains you by taking you to a different world.


Murder Mubarak Review: If a murder happens in any film then everyone feels the thrill, everyone starts guessing who committed the murder. Such films turn everyone into Byomkesh Bakshi, one such film has come on Netflix, here they are saying congratulations after committing murder, the biggest feature of this film on Netflix is ​​that till the end it is not known who has committed the murder.

There is a club, Delhi Royal Club, here come not the rich, but the very rich, membership worth crores of rupees and a waiting period of 20 years, the people who come here pretend like this, they show off that even the biggest thrower can do it. Shame on you, a murder takes place in this same club, of a gym trainer and then the police starts trying to find out who has committed the murder, the people in the club are not concerned about the murder, they are concerned about it. I am worried whether the photo posted on social media as a tribute is perfect or not, it seems to be a different world, it has love story, sex, jealousy, deceit, fraud…all that is there. There should be a thriller in the film.. If it would be too much to tell more than this, then watch the film.

how is the movie
This film comes to the point right from the beginning, the film arouses interest from the very first scene, along with the investigation of the murder, when the masks come off the faces of the people coming to the club, you see a different color of life, You understand how much people pretend, people are not what they show, here every once in a while you see a different color of life and you relate to it, the investigation of murder goes on simultaneously and you understand. It is not known who has committed the murder, the suspense remains till the end and this is the biggest feature of this film.

There are so many actors in this film that you get tired of counting them, Pankaj Tripathi has played the character of ACP in his own way, he addresses everyone as ‘ji’, and here he is Pankaj Tripathi, he is engaged but he is very presentable. Sara Ali Khan’s acting is good, a different shade of her is visible which is surprising, Vijay Verma has been given less space and he is fine, he has done much better work than this, Karisma Kapoor is amazing and her character is amazing. He is also amazing, it is fun to watch him, Sanjay Kapoor is very good in the character of Maharaja, Dimple Kapadia has a different color which looks good, Tisch Chopra’s work is tremendous, overall in terms of acting all the actors have done well. Has done a wonderful job.

Homi Adajania’s direction is very good, his hold on the film is clearly visible, he has been successful in creating the interest that should be created for the mystery, the way he has worked with so many actors is also in his own right. Wonderful.

Overall, if you want to watch a good mystery film then definitely watch this film.


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