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Yoddha Review: Even Siddharth Malhotra’s good acting could not do wonders

Yoddha Review: Even Siddharth Malhotra’s good acting could not do wonders


Yodha Review: There is a saying that why kill a dead person, nowadays the condition of Pakistan is like this, in such a situation again a film has come in which the hero becomes the son-in-law of Pakistan and not only saves the Pakistani PM but also saves the Indian PM. Yes, even a hijack is foiled, 170 passengers are also saved safely, meaning two PMs, one hijack, 170 passengers, oh my god, so much heroism but still it was not fun.

This is the story of a task force named Yodha. Now the task force is filmy so it can do everything, it can even run a plane, and if it gets a chance it can even go to the moon and sell tea, Siddharth Malhotra’s father is its head, he gets martyred and then Siddharth is in this task force. They come, then they are unable to stop each plane hijacking and an order comes to shut down the force, but the name of the film is Yodha and our hero is Yodha, so how will the force be shut down, it cannot happen, yet again a plane hijack happens. And this time the matter reaches to Pakistan which is Bollywood’s favorite subject to show patriotism and is the only favorite subject, what happens after this, if you have courage after reading the complete review then watch it in the film.

how is the movie
It starts with the same scene from which thousands of warriors have entered Bollywood, the hero saves some people and it seems very boring, after this the film generates a little interest but then the same thing happens in the film which we see after seeing. Bored, the hero reaches Pakistan, saves the PMs of both the countries, it means everyone wants to be Salman Khan, his hero even flies the plane, not only this, a crew intern is also accompanying the plane in the flight. He takes off and stops just before the plane crashes, as if he is standing idle in front of the plane, some scenes look very childish, one laughs, it seems that we have nothing else to do except beating Pakistan. Is it to show patriotism, the film is unable to generate any emotion, the little interest that the film generates soon ends and you start thinking everything is a joke.

Siddharth Malhotra’s acting is good, he looks quite fit but the story is not strong enough that Siddharth could have done more on his own, Rashi Khanna looks good, his role is also strong but if the screenplay of the film is childish then what is that too? Only she could have reviewed Disha Patani’s acting, if so much talent has not been developed yet, then no comments, Sunny Hinduja looks amazing in the role of a terrorist, no one thought even the softest Sandeep Bhaiya can create so much fear. Was.

The film has been written by Sagar Ambre and Sagar has also directed the film with Pushkar Ojha and both of them are the villains of the film. Do we have nothing left except Pakistan, can patriotism be seen only by beating Pakistan, or does Pakistan seem a safe target to everyone, many scenes in the film are not digestible, logic has been crucified, cinematic. It is okay to take liberty but it also has a limit, brother.

Overall, if you are a fan of Siddharth Malhotra then watch it otherwise there is nothing special in the film.


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