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Bastar: The Naxal Story Review: This film haunts you

Bastar: The Naxal Story Review: This film haunts you


Bastar Review: Many films have been made on Naxalism and Naxalites. Many types of things are said, there are many types of narratives. Now Vipul Shah has brought Naxal Story after The Kerala Story. Vipul Shah: It probably takes courage to see what this film shows and it also takes courage to see the way it shows it, so those with a weak heart may not be able to watch this film. Such films are often called agenda and propaganda. Questions are raised on its story but the producer of the film Vipul Shah has said on ABP News that whoever wants to debate the research and facts of the film is ready, we will review this film from the perspective of craft.

Bastar The Naxal Story is the story of Bastar and the Naxalism spread in Bastar. The Naxalite attacks in Bastar have been shown in a very horrifying manner in the film. Mao terrorists attacked the CRPF camp in Bastar, Chhattisgarh and killed 76 soldiers. But this story is bigger than this. It is shown in the film how the Naxalites have created their own separate power there. How they have ruined the lives of the people there. How IPS officer Neerja Madhavan (Adah Sharma) eliminates the Naxalites, how she fights the system of the country, this is the story of the film. And this story has been presented on screen in a very horrifying manner.

how is the movie
If I say it in one line, this film is disturbing. There are many such scenes in the film that you close your eyes. The way the fear of Naxalites has been shown in the film shakes you. You shudder. This film shakes you. You are forced to think that all this is happening in our country and it is happening this way. You feel disgusted after watching many scenes. You feel like walking out of the theater but then you want to see how far this terror goes. Every once in a while, a scene comes that shocks you, shakes you, and forces you to think. You feel angry, pity, pity. You are overwhelmed with many types of emotions.

The level of acting of Ada Sharma which was raised by The Kerala Story, this film takes it further. Ada Sharma has once again won hearts with her work. Ada has lived the life of IPS Neerja Madhav, Ada leaves an impact in every scene, a pregnant female officer never lets her zeal and passion diminish, you feel anger in her eyes, in her body language you can see the Naxalites. Feel the emotion of the end, it does not seem that Ada is acting, it seems that she is living this character and as if she has ever felt this pain in real life, apart from this the supporting actors include Shilpa Shukla, Raima Sen, Yashpal Sharma and all the other actors have done a good job.

Director of this film Sudipto Sen says that he has been doing research on this film since childhood because he has seen all this from a young age and you also feel it while watching the film. It also seems that how can a director show terror in such a cruel manner, Sudipto has a strong grip on the film. The film never slackens, it surprises you every now and then. And this is the success of the director.

This team had made The Kerala Story, after which there was a lot of uproar. There was a lot of debate, there should be on this also because there would be a large section of people who do not know all this and would want to know the truth about it, would want to question about its research. Vipul Shah has to be praised that he is investing money in such films. They are bringing forward such stories which very few filmmakers have the courage to bring forward.

Overall, the film is tremendous and should be watched and any questions that arise after watching it should also be asked.


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