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What is special in ‘Damsel’ full of action and adventure? read review

What is special in ‘Damsel’ full of action and adventure?  read review


Damsel Review in Hindi: You must have seen the story of a woman facing difficulties boldly and living life on her own terms without caring about anyone on screen many times, but never in this way. As shown in the Netflix film Damsel. This film has just arrived on Netflix. And while scrolling, you stopped at this film and are wondering whether to watch this film or not? So this review is for you only. Read it, it will be easier to decide whether the film should be given time or not.

The story has been woven keeping the pure fantasy world in the background. Where Elodie (Millie Bobby Brown) is living happily with her family. His family consists of a younger sister, father and stepmother. Elodie’s father is the head of a small place, whose responsibility is to save his people from dying of hunger due to the harsh weather. On one hand, Elodie is having beautiful dreams of the coming days with the desire to travel the world in her own tune. His father, who is struggling with compulsions, leaves him in a world where everything looks beautiful, but is not.

Elodie initially thinks she is about to meet the man of her dreams. In this other beautiful world, Elodie is happy to marry the prince but she has to face everything that many women have been facing for years. By the time the secret is revealed it is too late and Princess Elodie finds herself bait for a strange beast. She is struggling in a cave somewhere far away in the mountains and is trying to save her life. Apart from this, if you tell too much then the fun will be spoiled. Therefore, to know the story it is important that you watch the film.

How is the movie?
Seeing the trailer of the film, it seems that it will be an adventure fantasy movie, which it is. But it would be a mistake to understand only this, because this is something beyond that. Normally, stories based on survival are inspired by or based on true events. But in this film, there is a strange creature that looks like a dragon, from which a woman is seen struggling to escape. In other words, this entire film seems to be using ‘metaphor’ to show the problems of women.

It is shown in the film how a woman who gives up her desires due to her father’s compulsions has to be harassed by her husband and in-laws. She is bearing all this under social pressure, but suddenly the ‘dragon’ form of all those problems appears in front of her. A girl trapped inside a dark cave wins while trying to keep herself alive and save herself from cannibals. Overall, the film also throws light on the problems of women with the help of a fantastic world and with this amazing idea the film gradually becomes better.

VFX and CGI have been used extensively in the film. Everything seems true and good. Some scenes of the beautiful world hidden in the fog somewhere across the sea, look so original that you will want to stop and watch them even if you don’t want to. Apart from this, the film’s action, fight for survival and fire throwing dragon is going to keep you engaged in the film. However, the beginning of the film is slow which distracts the mind at times. Therefore, we will have to wait to see the good parts of the film.

If you have been watching Netflix, then there is no doubt that you must not have seen ‘Stranger Things’. Billy Bobby Brown, who played the role of Eleven in this series, was seen in an equally powerful role in this film. Before this, she had also shown excellent acting skills by playing ‘Enola Holmes’, the sister of Sherlock Holmes.

Now she is even more beautiful in this role. Seeing her film selection and ability to understand the subtle things of acting, it seems that in a few years she is going to be included in the list of Hollywood’s biggest actresses. Apart from this, the rest of the characters do not have much work in the film, but they have done as much as they had to do. Angela Bassett, Robin Wright and Nick Robinson have presented their parts brilliantly.

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