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Alka Yagnik’s train love story is no less than a film story.

Alka Yagnik’s train love story is no less than a film story.


Alka Yagnik Love Story: Bollywood singer Alka Yagnik has blessed the Indian film industry with many superhit songs. With time, the singer’s voice has become so popular that fans recognize his voice even without seeing the visuals. Today the singer is celebrating her 58th birthday.

As much as the singer remains in the news about her professional life, her personal life also remains in the headlines. Actually, the singer has been living away from her husband for the last several years. But the singer’s love story is quite interesting. Singer’s love story is no less than a film but after a few years of marriage, the couple was forced to live in long distance.

Alka Yagnik’s love story

Alka Yagnik married Neeraj Kapoor in the year 1989. Both Alka and Neeraj were from different professions. On one hand, Neeraj was a successful businessman from Shillong. Alka was the rising singer of Bollywood. Alka met Neeraj for the first time. The couple’s love story is very filmy.

After the first meeting, gradually the friendship between the couple increased and they decided to get married. Both their families were also very happy with this marriage. But since Singer and Neejar were from different fields, their family members were afraid of their marriage breaking up. According to the reports of Times of India, Alka Yagnik’s family had said that the couple’s long distance relationship will start only after marriage.

reason for separation
The couple had decided to live together in Mumbai after marriage. Due to which Singer’s husband Neeraj shifted to Mumbai. Due to Neeraj not being able to grow his business properly in Mumbai, he decided to return back to Shillong after some time. The understanding between the couple was so good that their relationship remains strong till date. Let us tell you that Alka Yagnik sang her first song at the age of 14. He lent his voice to the song ‘Thirkat Ang Lachak Jhuki’ from the film ‘Payal Ki Jhankar’. Alka’s Bollywood journey, which started from then, is touching sky heights today.


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