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Arshad Warsi’s wife calls out hypocrisy at Ambani’s pre-wedding, shares Ivanka Trump’s photo with elephant

Arshad Warsi’s wife calls out hypocrisy at Ambani’s pre-wedding, shares Ivanka Trump’s photo with elephant


Arshad Warsi
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Arshad Warsi’s wife lashed out at Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant’s pre wedding

From last Friday, Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding pictures and videos started going viral on social media. Bollywood actors to Hollywood stars as well as business and sports personalities made it to the mega event. The program lasted for three days. Guests were seen enjoying programs on different themes, from Indian clothes to Western, everything made it to the trends. During this, elephants were also seen in the pre-wedding function of Anant and Radhika. Now after spotting this, Arshad Warsi’s wife Maria Goretti has lashed out at the Ambanis. Moreover, her anger has erupted over one particular picture.

There was an uproar over this picture

Arshad Warsi’s wife Maria Goretti has expressed her displeasure through a story on Instagram. Maria said that elephants have been misused in Anant Ambani and Radhika’s pre-wedding as they have been used as mere props. This matter came to light when Ivanka- Trump posted many of her pictures from Anant and Radhika’s pre-wedding event. In one of these pictures, she was seen standing and posing in front of an elephant, from which it was clear that elephants were used as props.

Maria took to her Instagram stories to express disappointment

After seeing this picture of Ivanka, Maria expressed disappointment. ‘I am surprised after seeing this picture of Ambani celebration. I don’t think this should happen to any animal. Especially with those who have been rescued and given a new life. It is heartbreaking that this elephant has been made to stand as a prop. That too amidst people and noise’, wrote Maria.  

Let us tell you, elephants have been rescued and brought to Vantara built by the Ambani family in Jamnagar. It is also being claimed that special care has been given to these elephants. In such a situation, after seeing such a picture, Arshad Warsi’s wife Maria seemed justified. ​

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