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Ae Watan Mere Watan Review: Sara Ali Khan could not do wonders

Ae Watan Mere Watan Review: Sara Ali Khan could not do wonders


Ae Watan Mere Watan Review: There are many such heroes in our history about whom we know very little and through cinema we get to know about many such people, one such personality is Usha Mehta whose story perhaps very few people would know. Today’s generation might not know. Now today’s generation heroine Sara Ali Khan has played her character in the film released on Prime Video but has she been able to do justice to this character, read the full review.

Usha’s dream since childhood was that India should become independent, but what would 9 year old Usha do, but when she grows up, she tries to bring a revolution. She meets Mahatma Gandhi, she adopts Brahmacharya but when Congress leaders are arrested, Usha’s friends also leave her, then she starts Congress Radio along with her friend Fahad i.e. Sparsh Srivastava. After this the fire of revolution flares up and the British start searching for Usha. After this, you can watch this film to know what happens in Usha’s story.

how is the movie
The story of this film is such that it should reach the people. The film is slow in the beginning. It takes time to get to the point and this part makes you suffer. Interest in the film comes when the radio starts. From there you want to know this story. It is fun to know the story but you do not connect with the film the way you should. The characters of the film do not touch your heart the way this story does. Overall, this film can be watched only to know the story of Usha Mehta.

The film has been directed by Kannan Iyer, who had directed Ek Thi Daayan in 2013, but Kannan could not present the good story as expected. And here or there they failed because of the artists also.


Sara Ali Khan has shown in many films that her acting skills are good, this character was difficult. She was playing the character of a revolutionary for whom there are not many references but here Sara just keeps trying. Her efforts do not seem to be that successful, somehow it seems that it does not suit the character. She is a new generation actress and somehow it becomes difficult to digest her in this character. Sparsh Srivastava has done a good job after Missing Ladies. Emraan Hashmi’s cameo also does not impress much.

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