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Farming in childhood, this actor rules Bollywood today

Farming in childhood, this actor rules Bollywood today


Guess Who: There are many stars in Bollywood who are still connected to the ground. These actors struggled a lot to make their mark in Hindi cinema and today they are ruling Bollywood. Today we will tell you about one such actor whose childhood was spent in poverty and he once used to do farming in the village, but today he not only rules Bollywood but is also the owner of immense wealth. p>

Became an actor while doing farming
This actor is none other than Pankaj Tripathi. Pankaj is considered to be the most versatile and talented actor of Bollywood today. He has proven his strong acting skills and has made a special place in the hearts of the audience. Pankaj is considered to be a seasoned actor who gives life to every character on screen. However, it was not so easy for Pankaj to make his mark in Bollywood. The actor had struggled a lot to reach this position. Pankaj was born on 5 September 1976 in a village in Bihar to Pandit Banaras and Hemwanti Tripathi.

Pankaj was the fourth child of his parents and he was the youngest in the house. Pankaj’s childhood was spent in poverty. His father used to be a farmer and also worked as a priest. Till the age of 17, Pankaj also used to help the family by doing farming. However, Pankaj loved participating in the programs held in the village. When he reached adolescence, he played the role of a girl in plays and due to this he became quite famous in the village.

Continued doing theater along with student politics
After completing 12th, Pankaj came to Patna for further studies. But the bug of acting was buzzing inside him. After this, he started working in theater and also started actively participating in college politics. During this period, he did many street plays and then his love for plays continued to grow.  

Also worked in a hotel
When actors started acting in theatre, they used to get very little money there. It was difficult for the actor to survive with that money. In such a situation  Pankaj Tripathi started working in hotels along with theatre. Pankaj himself had revealed this in his interview.

Then in the year 2001, Pankaj left his job and came to Delhi’s National School of Drama to learn acting. From here the doors to Bollywood opened for him. First he worked in advertising and then gradually he started getting films. He made his Bollywood debut in the year 2004 with the film Run. However, Pankaj got his first career success in the role of Sultan in 2012’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. After this his acting career took off. Today Pankaj has become the king not only of Bollywood but also of OTT.

Pankaj Tripathi Movies
In his career so far, Pankaj Tripathi has worked in films like Newton, Dilwale, Fukrey, New Classmate, Gangs of Wasseypur, Kaala, Masaan, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Fukrey Returns, Gangs of Worked in hit films like Wasseypur-2 and Omkara, OMG 2. Apart from this, he is in ‘Mirzapur’ He has also been an important part of hit series like. Recently, Pankaj’s film Murder Mubarak was also released on OTT, which is being praised a lot. 

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