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How is Netflix’s series ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’? read review

How is Netflix’s series ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’?  read review


Avatar The Last Airbender Review in Hindi: If you are fond of fantasy and adventure films, then ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, recently released on Netflix, can be the right choice for you. This series is available in English as well as Hindi. If you are planning to watch it, then know how this series of Airbender Universe is.

The story of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is created and woven around a fantasy world. This series is an extension of the same story of the 2010 film M. Night Shyamalan ‘The Last Airbender’ which also starred Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire. In this world, there are nations that have a strong hold on elements like Air, Earth, Water and Fire, where the people living there have the ability to use these elements as per their choice in war or peace. And this is called ‘bending’. There is an ‘Avatar’ to control that there is no war between these nations. When the old incarnation goes away, a new incarnation comes.

This time Avatar has been delayed in arriving and the whole world is bearing the brunt of it. The Fire Nations have started a war to conquer the world. Now, as the new Avatar Aang is still trying to discover his powers, he must shoulder the responsibility of saving the world along with his friends. In his attempt to save the world, Avatar makes many new friends and embarks on a dangerous journey to different places. This entire journey is his story, where sometimes he meets good people and sometimes he has to deal with devils and demons. During this journey, he also encounters Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation several times, who is trying to imprison him.

How is the series?
The VFX and cinematography in the series are excellent, which takes you to a different world of dreams. There is plenty of action as well as adventure. There is a new twist in every episode. Which definitely takes the story forward. Also, it increases the interest related to the series. Be it the flying buffalo with 6 legs or the centipede swinging on hundreds of legs which shows different forms with its eyes, everything looks original. However, some scenes seem cumbersome, when characters are seen giving knowledge by stopping the story. Even if those scenes were not there, the need for them would not have been felt, on the contrary the pace of the story would have increased a bit.

Acting and Direction
It seems like a mistake that the director didn’t think about why Aang was trapped in ice for 100 years or even before that how people knew that he was the Avatar. Leaving aside these minor things, the work has been done to accurately portray the entertaining world on screen. Talking about acting, Gordon Cormier has portrayed the innocence and strength of the series’ lead character Aang very well. Apart from this, Caventio’s hard work has paid off in the role of Katara. Dallas Lu has played the harsh and at the same time kind character of Zuko.

Ultimately this is the beginning of creating a different universe. This series is over, but the story is still there. Therefore, you can be ready to enjoy its second season and third season also.

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