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Everyone here is a murderer, no one is good, there are only strategies and a bloody game to make them successful! Know how ‘Furies’ are

Everyone here is a murderer, no one is good, there are only strategies and a bloody game to make them successful!  Know how ‘Furies’ are


Furies Review in Hindi: Recently the French series Furies has been released in Hindi on Netflix. This series of 8 episodes has been specially made for those viewers who like to watch action, suspense and thriller. So if your eyes are excited to see action, then this series is for you only. But to know how the series is and what expectations it meets, read this review first.

The glittering city of France, Paris, has been kept in the background of the story. Where in the glittering world there also resides the world of underworld people wearing the mask of nobles, the people associated with whom are so powerful that they can do anything. The problem is that there is no single king in this underworld. It is run by 6 different families, whose work is divided. In the world of crime where only criminals reside, such decentralization of power i.e. distribution of power among different people is very difficult.

Because of ambitions, everyone wants to move ahead by killing each other. In such a situation, there is a special person to prevent this decentralization from turning into centralization. Which protects them from clashing with each other and which everyone agrees with. He is not a don, but he sometimes acts as a guru and sometimes as a disciple for these dons. This is the same person who has been given the title of ‘Fury’. This Fury always plays with her life and is not liked by those 6 dons. Fury is a title that is hard to achieve. ‘Furies’ is the story of the battle to get this title and the battle to save this name.

How is the series?
This series of 8 episodes contains a big story within itself. But everything happens fast. You won’t even get time to stop. The fast paced story moves along with fast paced action and dialogue. If we talk about why this series should be watched. So its positive points do not stop just here that it is a fast paced series. The specialty is that despite maintaining speed, nothing is left out. The makers have tried to explain everything to the audience.

Apart from this, both suspense and thrill have been mixed in the series in such a way that while watching other things, you will keep racking your brain as to who did this and who did that. Such a grim and dirty form of the underworld has been shown in such a wonderful way that you will get goosebumps. Everyone here is murderer and no one is good. There are only strategies and to make them successful, whatever scary things they can do, the characters of this series keep doing everything. Yes, but at some places the drama in the series seems excessive, which is also its negative point.

series action
While watching the action of the series, you will not want to take your eyes off the screen. The way of executing every action is very special. Different types of martial arts are seen throughout the series, but ‘Jujutsu’ martial art has been used the most. Which has mostly been filmed on the character of Fury. Believe it, even if this series had been released as a spin-off of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, it would have met that standard as well.

Direction and acting
The whole story revolves between two characters Leena and Salma. Can’t tell much because your thrill will end, so know that the actresses playing these two characters, Lina El Arbi and Mahina Fwa, have done an amazing job. Looking at Lena’s action moves, it seems that she must have put in a lot of sweat while filming these moves. Talking about Mahina Phwa who plays the character of Salma, her age is 54 years. Despite this, the most powerful roles and actions in the series have been filmed on him. And she has done the same work as Linda Hamilton did in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1991 film ‘Terminator 2: The Judgment Day’.

The makers of the series, Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yvon Legev have together made this series in a great way. You will see his hard work while watching the series. Of course, many things in the series are inspired somewhere, but it cannot be denied that despite not being new, they look interesting.

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