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National Creators Award Full Winner List with Photo Information – ReviewGuys

National Creators Award Full Winner List with Photo Information – ReviewGuys


The National Creators Award recognizes the talent of our community of creators and celebrates their passion for driving positive change. The National Creator Award is giving recognition to the new era even before it begins. The Digital India campaign has created a new world of content creators.

PM Modi honored the young celebrities of the country with the National Creators Award at the Bharat Mandapam located in Delhi. PM gave this award to content creators Ranveer Allahabadia, RJ Raunak Naman Deshmukh, Gaurav Chaudhary Kamiya Jani, Maithili Thakur, Jaya Kishori and Kabita Singh and many other celebrities.

National Creators Award Engagement

The National Creator Awards have witnessed exemplary public participation. The first round received over 1.5 lakh nominations across 20 different categories. Subsequently, around 10 lakh votes were cast for digital creators in various award categories in the voting round. Subsequently, 23 winners, including three international creators, were decided. This tremendous public engagement is proof that the awards truly reflect people’s preferences.


National Creators Award Categories

This award is being given in twenty categories – Best Storyteller Award; The Disruptor of the Year; Celebrity Creator of the Year; Green Champion Award; Best Creator For Social Change; Most Impactful Agri Creator; Cultural Ambassador of the Year; International Creator Award; Best Travel Creator Award; Swachhta Ambassador Award; The New India Champion Award; Tech Creator Award; Heritage Fashion Icon Award; Most Creative Creator (Male & Female); Best Creator in Food Category; Best Creator in Education Category; Best Creator in Gaming Category; Best Micro Creator; Best Nano Creator; Best Health and Fitness Creator.

Winners of National Creators Award

PM Narendra Modi National Creators Award at Bharat Mandapam during Content Creators Presented the first #NationalCreatorsAward for connecting with the pulse of India.

Gaurav Chaudhary aka @TechnicalGuruji as Tech Creator Award.

Ranveer Allahabadia awarded the Best Disruptor of the Year Award.

Jaya Kishori recognized as the Best Creator for Social Change.

Aman Gupta for clinching the Best Celebrity Creator Award.

Abhi and Nayu Soar to victory of the New India Campaign Award.

Nishchaytaking home the Gaming Creator Award.

Ankit Baiyanpuria as the Best Health and Fitness Creator.

Shraddha takes center stage as the winner of the Best Creative Creator Award.

Kabita Singh takes home the title of Best Food Creator.

Pankti Pandey for clinching the Green Champion Award.

Keerthika Govindhasamy honored as the Best Storyteller.

Naaman Deshmukh for securing the title of Best Creator in Education Category.

Aridaman for clinching the Best Micro Creator title at the National Creators Award.

Malhar Kalambe for securing the title of Swachhata Ambassador.

Piyush Purohit for winning the prestigious Best Nano Creator Award.

Kamiya Jani takes home the Best Travel Creator.

Maithili Thakur takes home the prestigious Cultural Ambassador of the Year award.

Janhvi Singh stays true to heritage. She has been honored with the Heritage Fashion Icon award.

Celebrating cultural diversity and creativity on a global scale! Kili Paul, Cassandra Mae Spittmann and Drew Hicks won the Best International Creators at the #NationalCreatorsAward.

You all know that when content and creativity collaborate, it increases engagement. When content collaborates with digital, transformation occurs. When content collaborates with purpose, it shows impact. And today when you people have come here, I also have to request a collab from you on many topics. Can we create more content that youth Bring awareness about the negative effects of drugs?

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About National Creators Award 2024

This award celebrates the contributions of digital content creators who have brought about positive social change and innovation.

National Creators Award Nomination Process

Nominations will be evaluated based on creativity, impact, reach, innovation, sustainability, and alignment with the goals of the Award. The National Creators Award 2024 received over 1.5 lakh nominations across a wide range of 20 categories, with a staggering 10 lakh votes cast.

National Creators Award 2024 Date and Location

National Creators Award held at the Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi on March 8, 2024.

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